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Student Life

Student Life In GAU

GAU is a place where students spend most part of their working hours. Along with an intensive academic process, the students have possibilities of entertainment, cognition, meeting interesting people and realizing their talents in different directions. All this helps the development of critical thinking and the formation of creative broad-thinking persons.

GAU pays much attention to the initiatives of the students. It is the wish of the students and the support of the administration that stipulate the unification around the ideas and the implementation of different projects, including sports and creative social activities: , , football (soccer) and basketball teams. So the volunteer groups are formed, such as . Excursions and creative and entertaining competitions are planned.


Along with various interesting, sometimes even spontaneous , there are “special days” at GAU, that have been celebrated for years and have thus formed a tradition. Orientation Day - warm welcome in GAU’s yard (which is specially decorated for the event), GAU President’s greeting and small gifts turn the official introduction and registration procedure into the first positive impression for the first-year students. This positive emotion is further enhanced by the GAU Welcome Party, which unites all the students at a special party. GAU students always celebrate New Year together; the annual gathering at the end of December is one of the biggest events, full of fun and surprises.

Share Love - this is the slogan students use to celebrate Valentine's Day. Poetry evenings and interactive meetings with interesting speakers are followed by thematic games, presents, romantic music performed by GAU band, and a festive reception.

Thanksgiving Day, one of the biggest holidays in the United States, is especially celebrated at GAU. US ambassador, other representatives of the Embassy and invited guests gladly participate in Thanksgiving activities. The theatrical ceremony of turkey pardoning is one of the most memorable parts of Thanksgiving Day.

Â鶹´«Ã½-American Friendship Day, which marks the anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations between these countries, is also a special date at GAU. Â鶹´«Ã½ and American National Anthems are traditionally performed by the GAU band. However, in 2017, American National Anthem was performed by the US Ambassador's spouse, Francesca Kelly. This day once again emphasizes the importance of education as one of the priorities of Â鶹´«Ã½-American friendship and cooperation.

 Day is one of the most emotional events, saying goodbye to students is a bittersweet combination of joy and sadness.

Sports in GAU

Sports are very popular at GAU. Internal GAU student Olympiad was established with the initiative of GAU student ambassadors, which consists of tournaments in different types of sports (football (soccer), basketball, table tennis, billiards (pool), chess, etc.). In addition to internal activities, the goal of such events is to reveal the champions of GAU in the corresponding types of sports who in their turn will represent GAU in tournaments among universities.

During the year, the GAU teams in football (soccer) and basketball have intensive trainings with their coaches as they prepare for different tournaments. The teams have already won several key matches and achieved great success. Professional and amateur rally racers are also among the GAU students. By promoting the sport activities, GAU helps to establish a healthy lifestyle among youth.

An intellectual game “What? Where? When?” has already become a tradition at GAU. Partner companies give special prizes to the winners and the game is led by a professional anchor. Friendly competition and excitement, high involvement of the students and growth of intellect are the main goals of this game.

Open Door to Challenges

Open Door to Challenges – this is the name of the cycle, which hosts interesting presenters and topics each month. The invited guests chosen according to match the interests of GAU students, are experts and opinion leaders of different spheres who share their experience along with giving important information to the students. Writers, representatives of other spheres of art, psychologists, high ranking state officials and trainers hold interactive meetings on current and useful topics. Any interested person can attend the public lectures at GAU.

Social Responsibility

GAU constantly responds to the challenges in society, holds discussions on current issues and actively engages in the process of solving problems in society by using legal and logistical methods with the support of staff and student volunteers.

These activities support vulnerable groups, increase awareness of social issues among young people and better help them understand the importance of social responsibility (“Take care of life – slow down”; “Our Heroes – Calendar 2018”; “Catharsis”; “Happy New Year to Everyone”; “Take care of Nature, Animals, People!”...).

Team Building Out of Town

Team Building Out of Town – this tradition has been established in GAU since 2016. The two-day field trips are arranged for the second-year students. As a rule, after trainings in an informal environment and working on entertaining projects, formal dinners and entertaining programs, the GAU students return home full of useful information and a renewed team spirit.


Excursions are systematically arranged at GAU. Organized by the GAU student ambassadors and with the assistance of the administration, the excursion calendar is worked out from the beginning of the academic year. Along with visiting and better understanding different regions of Georgia, these activities help the students to socialize and make new friends. One of the outstanding traditions is the rafting tour in summer, which is awarded to the winners of the New Year contest.


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